Struct CodecConfiguration


#include <bta/include/bta_hearing_aid_api.h>

struct CodecConfiguration


No description yet.


Lines 235-251 in bta/include/bta_hearing_aid_api.h.

struct CodecConfiguration {
  /** sampling rate that the codec expects to receive from audio framework */
  uint32_t sample_rate;

  /** bitrate that codec expects to receive from audio framework in bits per
   * channel */
  uint32_t bit_rate;

  /** Data interval determines how often we send samples to the remote. This
   * should match how often we grab data from audio source, optionally we can
   * grab data every 2 or 3 intervals, but this would increase latency.
   * Value is provided in ms, must be divisable by 1.25 to make sure the
   * connection interval is integer.
  uint16_t data_interval_ms;

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