Struct tBTA_AV_SCB


#include <bta/av/bta_av_int.h>

struct tBTA_AV_SCB final


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AvdtpVersionGet the AVDTP version of the peer device.
IsAssignedCheck whether the entry is assigned and currenty used.
OnConnectedCalled to setup the state when connected to a peer.
OnDisconnectedCalled to clear the state when disconnected from a peer.
PeerAddressGet the peer address.
SetAvdtpVersionSet the AVDTP version of the peer device.


Lines 459-558 in bta/av/bta_av_int.h.

struct tBTA_AV_SCB final {
  const tBTA_AV_ACT* p_act_tbl; /* the action table for stream state machine */
  const tBTA_AV_CO_FUNCTS* p_cos; /* the associated callout functions */
  bool sdp_discovery_started; /* variable to determine whether SDP is started */
  AvdtpSepConfig peer_cap; /* buffer used for get capabilities */
  list_t* a2dp_list; /* used for audio channels only */
  tBTA_AV_Q_INFO q_info;
  tAVDT_SEP_INFO sep_info[BTA_AV_NUM_SEPS]; /* stream discovery results */
  AvdtpSepConfig cfg;                       /* local SEP configuration */
  alarm_t* avrc_ct_timer;                   /* delay timer for AVRC CT */
  uint16_t l2c_cid;                         /* L2CAP channel ID */
  uint16_t stream_mtu;                      /* MTU of stream */
  tBTA_SEC sec_mask;          /* security mask */
  uint8_t media_type;         /* Media type: AVDT_MEDIA_TYPE_* */
  bool cong;                  /* true if AVDTP congested */
  tBTA_AV_STATUS open_status; /* open failure status */
  tBTA_AV_CHNL chnl;          /* the channel: audio/video */
  tBTA_AV_HNDL hndl;          /* the handle: ((hdi + 1)|chnl) */
  uint16_t cur_psc_mask;      /* Protocol service capabilities mask for current
                                 connection */
  uint8_t avdt_handle;        /* AVDTP handle */
  uint8_t hdi;                /* the index to SCB[] */
  uint8_t num_seps;           /* number of seps returned by stream discovery */
  uint8_t num_disc_snks;      /* number of discovered snks */
  uint8_t num_disc_srcs;      /* number of discovered srcs */
  uint8_t sep_info_idx;       /* current index into sep_info */
  uint8_t sep_idx;            /* current index into local seps[] */
  uint8_t rcfg_idx;           /* reconfig requested index into sep_info */
  uint8_t state;              /* state machine state */
  uint8_t avdt_label;         /* AVDTP label */
  uint8_t app_id;             /* application id */
  uint8_t num_recfg;          /* number of reconfigure sent */
  uint8_t role;
  uint8_t l2c_bufs;  /* the number of buffers queued to L2CAP */
  uint8_t rc_handle; /* connected AVRCP handle */
  bool use_rc;       /* true if AVRCP is allowed */
  bool started;      /* true if stream started */
  bool use_rtp_header_marker_bit; /* true if the encoded data packets have RTP
                                   * headers, and the Marker bit in the header
                                   * is set according to RFC 6416 */
      co_started;    /* non-zero, if stream started from call-out perspective */
  bool recfg_sup;    /* true if the first attempt to reconfigure the stream was
                        successfull, else False if command fails */
  bool suspend_sup;  /* true if Suspend stream is supported, else false if
                        suspend command fails */
  bool deregistering; /* true if deregistering */
  bool sco_suspend;  /* true if SUSPEND is issued automatically for SCO */
  uint8_t coll_mask; /* Mask to check incoming and outgoing collision */
  tBTA_AV_API_OPEN open_api; /* Saved OPEN api message */
  uint8_t wait;  /* set 0x1, when getting Caps as ACP, set 0x2, when started */
  uint8_t q_tag; /* identify the associated q_info union member */
  bool no_rtp_header; /* true if add no RTP header */
  uint16_t uuid_int; /*intended UUID of Initiator to connect to */
  bool offload_start_pending;
  bool offload_started;

   * Called to setup the state when connected to a peer.
   * @param peer_address the peer address
  void OnConnected(const RawAddress& peer_address);

   * Called to clear the state when disconnected from a peer.
  void OnDisconnected();

   * Get the peer address.
  const RawAddress& PeerAddress() const { return peer_address_; }

   * Get the AVDTP version of the peer device.
  uint16_t AvdtpVersion() const { return avdtp_version_; }

   * Set the AVDTP version of the peer device.
   * @param avdtp_version the AVDTP version to use
  void SetAvdtpVersion(uint16_t avdtp_version);

   * Check whether the entry is assigned and currenty used.
   * @return true if the entry is assigned and currently used
  bool IsAssigned() const { return !peer_address_.IsEmpty(); }

  RawAddress peer_address_;  // Peer address
  uint16_t avdtp_version_;   // The AVDTP version of the peer device

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